Food + Drink

Food Wants & Needs | Vancouver Island Salt Co: Infusion Pack

Instead of getting your parents to grab you one of those giant Costco sea salt thingies the next time they come visit, ramp up your sodium chloride game. Go for flavour with Vancouver Island Salt Co’s Infusion Pack. Hand-harvested from the cold, clear waters of the ocean that surrounds BC (re: the North Pacific. Geography!), this four-pack features Orange and Lime, Balsamic Vinegar, Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese.

Wants & Needs | True North Delivery Co.

True North Delivery Co. helps our snack options extend far beyond a double double and an order of Timbits. With their limited edition boxes, you get Canadian products to snack on shipped right to your door once a month. Or, you can send them to your pals overseas who’ve never laid eyes on a ketchup chip. Either way, somebody’s getting a box of Canadian goodies that will turn ordinary snacking into a patriotic duty.

Food Wants & Needs | Monkey Butter

This isn’t your average peanut butter. This is peanut butter, the remix. Vancouver-based Monkey Butter makes PB with flavours that go beyond the traditional. Take their salted caramel version, for instance. It’s like, what are you even? But then you’re like, wait, yes. Bring me all the salted caramel peanut butter from Monkey Butter because I must dunk a spoon in there and bring it to my mouth. Repeatedly.

Food Wants & Needs: Preservation Society Garlic Scapes

We’re all adults here but sometimes eating our vegetables isn’t on the menu. Instead of trying to fit in some broccoli time, try these preserved garlic scapes from Preservation Society. Btw, garlic scapes are basically the tops of garlic plants and they kinda look like peas. These preserved scapes are great to add to a Caesar, a cheese plate or eat them on their own. Now you can eat your veggies whenever you want. Be sure to use mouthwash after you eat those scapes, though. They are from the garlic plant. So worth it. #badbreath #garlicbreath


OK, so you've done the countdown, the new year has begun, but wait, you're out of snacks and everything is closed or you just don't want to leave the house/party/put pants on. What are you to do to satisfy those late-night munchies? Vancouver, you're in luck: SnackEasy is here to the rescue. Delivering snacks to your door from 6pm-2am nightly, SnackEasy has chips, drinks, icecream, cookies, chocolate, and candy for all your craving needs.

COMPASS[ION] | Being Hungry Sucks

It’s simple—we are going hungry so those less fortunate don’t have to. The team at ION Magazine, Publisher Vanessa Leigh, Fashion Editor Deanna Palkowski, and Online Content Editor Natasha Neale are engaging in a 24-hour famine to promote awareness and raise funds for food security in the downtown east side (DTES) of Vancouver.