B.A. Johnston | No Frills

With the opening track on his new album Mission Accomplished called “As I Am in Tim Hortons, I Realize I Hate Tim Hortons”, it’s definitely safe to say that B.A. Johnston is the most unique and to-the-point musical artist out there. Armed with his facial hair and distinct, hilariously honest attitude, Johnston is releasing his ninth full-length album and once again doing an extensive Canadian tour, which runs until the end of November. ION’s Music Editor Trevor Risk chats to him and finds out more.

Trentemøller | The Great Dane

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill house music, Trentemøller won’t be your thing. This Dane seems as though, at times, he surprises even himself. Lacking the fear to branch out and try something new and unexpected, has ended with a traditional DJ heading out on an arena tour, full live band in tow. We can’t wait to see where else he might go, and neither can he. We asked Jemayel Khawaja to speak to Anders Trentemøller about his influences, creative process, and where he draws the line.

Steve Bays | Bays for Days

Steve Bays is a big time sound nerd. However, he’s also a big time legitimate rock star. The trajectory of his luminescent career arks from his days as the indie-rock-god-sex-panther-frontman of the internationally loved band, Hot Hot Heat, to his present, more laid back, life in his native Canada as a producer, mix engineer, writer, collaborator and overall all things music geek.

The Shins

"Hello? Oh, hi...hi, so sorry to keep you waiting" says the dulcet, mellow, and refreshingly polite, tones coming through the crackly phone. I've been waiting 45 minutes to speak to him, but by the sound of his voice, James Mercer, 41, has been enjoying himself and I can't hold it against him. It's one of his days off in between shows and he's been riding bikes, and drinking wine, around the city of Roskilde, soaking up the sun and enjoying doing the festival rounds.

ION Cover issue #80 | teaser

The files are in and we are now 10 days away from seeing issue number 80 hit the streets. To celebrate, we thought that we would give you a sneak peek at the guy who will be gracing our cover. Of course we are not going to show you his face, but if you can guess who it is you will win...nothing really, other than the awe of the ION team for your back-of-head recognition skills. Hint: it's simple.

EXCLUSIVE | Christopher Smith's Pillars + Pyre [VIDEO]

Vancouver songwriter Christopher Smith has announced his sophomore full-length, Earning Keep, the follow up to his 2010 debut, The Beckon Call. The song "Pillars and Pyre" is the first single off of the album and we are very proud to have the Canadian exclusive of the video. Earning Keep finds Smith expanding upon his musical palette with more diverse instrumentation and expansive atmospherics.

Jeremy Glenn

Listen to Jeremy Glenn's soft and über cool eighties inspired beats, and it's hard not to close your eyes and imagine yourself on a summer soaked euro-beach, sunglasses on, partying away with the coolest and most beautiful people you've ever met.