Wants & Needs | Kayleigh Peddie

Kayleigh Peddie, the Montreal based Lingerie and swimwear designer, pulls inspiration from her love of 1980’s hair metal for her latest collection called "Vixen". The collection offers a front lace up sheer mesh bodysuit, front lace up sheer mesh bra, variations of garter belts and high and low waisted thongs. Available in black, and for a limited time it will also be available in red, for Valentine's Day. These handmade garments are a great way to spice up your wardrobe and the bedroom. We particularly love the "Robbie Bodysuit" (pictured here).

A jacket for all seasons | Pantone Colorwear

I know, I know, it barely feels like winter has come at all this year, but we still have a few more months of winter left to weather out, and anything could happen. Yay, Canada! But instead of getting too Dashboard about it, it’s all about looking forward to making the deep freeze as fun, fashionable and versatile as possible. On that note, Pantone Colorwear is proud to announce the launch of “The System Jacket.” It includes three elements that can be combined into one amazing jacket, or mixed and matched allowing for nine different jacket options.

Marc De Storm

I don’t know about you, but I bike absolutely everywhere: to the gym, over to the office, from errand to errand, home from the bar (although admittedly that’s usually not a great idea). It’s an integral part of my daily life here in the city. Unfortunately, most clothing doesn’t make a seamless transition between your biking self and your everything-else self. That’s what makes Marc De Storm so amazing. A Montreal-based company, Marc De Storm produces contemporary cycling wear that is functional both on and off a bicycle.


Whether you’re headed out to an upcoming music festival, a coffee shop, or to explore the streets around you, there’s the inevitable age-old question: What bag should I take? The Explorer’s Belt Bag by Vancouver’s Andrea Wong is the perfect answer if you’re like me and want to frolic along, hands free, without having to worry about dragging your purse along. Don’t worry, this is no polyester 80s fanny pack.

Cartel Footwear

Cartel knows good footwear. Producing only in leathers, right down to the sole, and designed in Montreal’s historic St. Henri neighbourhood, Cartel's understanding of timeless design coupled with strict attention to detail is really what sets it apart, largely thanks to the brand's lead designer and co-founder Davis Guay. The PEI born and Italian schooled designer has garnered an incredible amount of experience working with men's and women's shoes in all corners of the world, including Italy, Portugal and Mexico.


A ready-to-wear satirical street brand, WRKDEPT is all about taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to pop culture and fashion. Montreal-based creator Andy Long Hoang started by releasing a five t-shirt collection in 2013, and since then the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, now offering complete lines that combine a variety of materials and textures, such as wood, denim, Velcro and leather.


If you haven’t heard of this London based label this is the perfect time to get informed, with the release of their incredible Spring/Summer line epitomizing their feminine, melancholic, and subtle designs. The Russian and Polish influences are clear to see, as while their designs are full of florals, feminine colours, and delicate features, the use of light, wearable fabrics—cottons, linens, and silks—and simplicity are a common thread and create the mood throughout the line.

Eliza Faulkner

A line embedded in both West Coast elegant sportif and European couture, Eliza Faulkner is a one-woman brand with a difference. Launched two years ago upon returning to Vancouver after interning with Erdem and Roland Mouret in London, Faulkner launched her ready-to-wear collection for the modern woman. Designed and made in Vancouver, and on Vancouver Island, her designs are made primarily from linen and wool, with a focus on shape, form, colour and functionality.


Natasha James and Cohen Landherr pride themselves on having polar opposite personalities. But, their vision for their newly launched brand JAMES KOHN could not be more in sync. A shared passion for minimal cuts, high-quality fabrics and minutely crafted details brought these two youngsters together. Expect an entire line of t-shirts for guys and girls who are looking for timeless pieces that make a statement on their own.

Rad Hourani

Hailed as the first Canadian to enter the realm of legends, Rad Hourani is lining up next to some big names with his invite to become a member of Paris Haute Couture. Celebrating his five years in unisex fashion, the Phi Centre in Montreal, will welcome Hourani as guest curator for the entire month of November.