FOCUS | Megan-Magdalena Bourne

Megan-Magdalena Bourne—lover of voyeurism, pain, weapons, tattoos, and tits—is an artist and photographer hailing from Vancouver, BC. At the age of 14, she earned her stripes in the local music scene by photographing shows and touring with bands. For four years she worked for many publications under the name Meg Bourne, prior to taking a three-year hiatus. On a mission to inspire body and sex positivity, she has returned to photography using her full name.

FOCUS | Megan Prediger

Megan Prediger was born and raised on a farm outside of a hamlet in rural Alberta. After receiving a disposable point and shoot camera for her fourteenth birthday, Megan became enamoured with the warmth it gave to the people and things she shot. As such, she shoots exclusively with film. Her primary interest is portraiture that blurs the lines between candid and editorial.

FOCUS | Vanessa Heins

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, photographer Vanessa Heins moved to Toronto in 2002 to study at Ryerson University. After receiving her BFA in photographic studies, she found her niche in portraits, with a focus in music—Vanessa received a Juno nomination in 2010 for Record Packaging of the Year. Her work can be found in various editorial publications including Billboard, Blackbook and SPIN. 

FOCUS | Elise Von Kulmiz

Elise Von Kulmiz is a freelance, documentary photojournalist from Parkdale, Toronto, by way of the Okanagan Valley and Kawartha Lakes. She can be found all over town on her bike with her camera strapped around her neck. Her interests vary from politics and social justice, to food, magazines, and animal rights. Elise shoots on digital and film, and edits all her work in a dark corner of her room on the computer, or lounging in her space within the 36 Chambers studio collective in Toronto.

The American Apparel

What better way is there to point out a city’s complexities than to capture the obvious? LA-based photographer Thomas Alleman did just that when he created The American Apparel. Yes, a Canadian founded company (Montrealer Dov Charney is founder and CEO), American Apparel headquarters call LA home, and its choice billboard locations created an inspiringly simple and affective project for Alleman.