Mandy-Lyn, Vancouver-based Waldorf Hotel classic party jams DJ by night, gonzo photojournalist by day, snaps portraits with either her 35mm camera, 400 film Kodak, disposable cameras or her 10-year old Nikon.

Dougie Wallace

In the late 16th century it already had a bad reputation amongst moralists for being a shithole full of beggars, tramps, drunkards and thieves. Maybe that’s why Shakespeare loved it so much. Founded centuries before Brooklyn, Shoreditch is the world’s longest reigning “it spot”.

Ed Ou

It’s 2:46 AM here in downtown Vancouver. The last of the bars have closed and the streets are silent and cold. I’m talking to Ed Ou, a 24-year old Canadian photojournalist who has been bouncing around the Middle East and taking some of the best photographs to emerge from the conflicts, protests and revolts of 2011’s “Arab Spring.”

Tim Barber

Tim Barber takes pictures for “Me and You.” I’m not sure if Tim knows me well enough to make a statement like that, but I’d say it’s fairly accurate. Tim’s interest in photography started at an early age and his work and subjects range from shooting fashion campaigns for the likes of Stella McCartney, to a series called “Kitty City,” which contained a number of kittens in urban diorama-like scenes.