Andreas Scheiger | Upcycle Fetish

We all know vintage cycling racing has its own niche market, which has been on the rise recently—think Rouleur magazine and Musette Caffe in Vancouver (yes, we just noticed the distinctly European feel)—and we may have just stumbled across our favourite within this said niche. Austrian artist Andreas Scheiger’s “Upcycle Fetish” project combines vintage racing and a love of upcycling scrap bike parts, with incredible and dynamic pieces of utility art. Inspired by Picasso’s “cabeza de toro”—a ‘bull’s head,' made from a rusty bike’s handlebars—Scheiger created a similar art piece, but made it into a mounted bike holder, which hangs his bike off the wall. Celebrating the bike’s history, the history of its previous owner, and repurposing his finds, Scheiger created 25 individual pieces. We highly recommend you try and get your hands on one at

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