Matt Sharp and the Rentals Share First Single from New Records

There is something to be said, even after all these years, that the best part of Weezer's seminal first and second records was the presence of then bass player and vocalist Matt Sharp. When Sharp left the band after the recording of Pinkerton, the band lost some of that uniqueness he brought to the proceedings. Shortly after his departure, Sharp released a little record called The Return Of The Rentals. Styled in a Eastern Bloc aesthetic, The Rentals leaned into the more pop heavy elements of Weezer while showcasing a fondness for Moog synths and the hookiest male/female vocal takes. They put out a second record entitled Seven More Minutes a couple years later but then seemingly went away. Now after all these years The Rentals have really returned, announcing the release of a sprawling double album called Q36. The time off hasn’t dulled Sharp’s sensibilities though, as heard on lead single “Spaceships”. Featuring appearances by such notables as Nick Zinner, Ronnie Valluchi and Dave Friedman, the new Rentals are creating the same type of ear worms as they were in the 90s. “Spaceships” is all distorted Moog before exploding into the most danceable disco heard contemporarily in a long while. It's based on the concept that in the future the world’s governments have taken society’s mentally ill and put them on a space ship into orbit, but the inmates take over and are now on a mission to find a more tolerant world. It’s a big concept, but Sharp pulls it off with aplomb, crafting a hot little dance number accompanied by a lyric video straight out of Solid Gold era 80s. It’s one of those cases of you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, making this return of The Rentals a very welcome one. 

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