Paul Wong | Four Decades of Art Collected in One Online Space

Paul Wong, a video pioneer, award-winning artist, curator, event organizer and leader of public interventions since the 1970s, has launched a new website featuring over 80 entries of works with more to come. The website spans four decades and is the largest online library or Wong's art.

The site is a stunning digital catalog of the Canadian "media-maestro's" various projects including Wong's photography, screenprints, neon, video, performances, and public art and installation pieces. Not only does Wong's new site display his history of work, but it also has full social integration, connecting to Wong's personal social media platforms; another avenue of Wong's media art extended by his point of-view through his smartphone and daily camera snaps.

View the collection of Paul Wong's work and learn more about the artist here

in ten sity from Paul Wong Projects on Vimeo.

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