Wild Nothing Release New Single

The January blahs are a real thing. The new year starts and with the holidays behind us there doesn’t seem like a lot to look forward too except hibernating in your home, waiting out the dreary weather. Cue Jack Tatum AKA Wild Nothing to soundtrack your winter sleep. The Richmond, Virginia based purveyor of dream pop has just announced his follow up EP, Laughing Gas, to last years magnificent full length Indigo and it promises to be the perfect compliment to the doldrums of the year. The lead single, “Foyer”, as well as the other four tracks that make up the collection were holdovers from the recording session for Indigo that Tatum did with Jorge Elbrecht but he deemed these songs were suited better on their own. That remains to be heard but “Foyer” continues Tatum’s tread of crafting beautifully sophisticated synth pop that could rival anything to come out of the genre’s prime in the 1980s. With its bouncing bass line floating above the AIR-iest of synths, Tatum puts forward another gem of a song that comes off more as a lifestyle choice than just your average pop jam. Laughing Gas comes out January 31st via Captured Tracks and until it does prep your finest comforter, a chez lounge and the perfect lighting scheme as you await its release. 

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