The Dude

“I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.” Jeff Bridges' The Dude is one of the most iconic and beloved characters of the past twenty years. The bathrobe-wearing, White Russian-drinking, half-baked Eagles-hating American hero is a favorite to many—including, apparently, Michael Fassbender.


In this episode of OUR ION, ION Magazine's Fashion Editor Deanna Palkowski and her Protégay Asa Fox discuss coffee, how you should take yours, and list some of their favourite cafés in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver that you should try.

You’re Welcome.

LUSH | #GayIsOk

What if your love was illegal? That’s the question Lush is asking as they kick off their global #GayIsOk campaign. Starting tomorrow to July 4th, Lush will be selling a special gold soap scented with their signature Love fragrance to help raise funds to support grassroots LGBTQ equality groups all over the world. Customers are encouraged to post a selfie with the fundraising Love Soap telling the world why they think #GayIsOk. 

Kyle Kinane | Comedy Central

Kyle Kinane’s newest special I Liked His Old Stuff Better features bits about burning his laundry, hitting pistachios with the back of his cell phone while driving, and the embarrassment inherent in your mother being impressed with you for actually owning plates. He would rather talk about Bigfoot than comedy, though. But, he was kind enough to discuss his perspective on it and his career, as well as the time he threw up while broadcasting on a popular cable network, with ION writer Kellen Powell.