Wants & Needs | Pipe Fiends

In this week's The Local, we heard from Montreal skater Barry Walsh about his favourite things to do in the city, which of course includes skating the Big O pipe -- a skateable concrete tunnel that was created for the 1976 Olympics. Together with friend and fellow skater Marc Tison, Barry put together an amazing book about this legendary and notorious skate spot called Pipe Fiends: A visual history of Canada's most infamous skate spot, and this year mark's the 10th anniversary of its release.

The Local With Shades of Culture's DJ Storm

Montrealer Dave Blake, aka DJ Storm, is a DJ, turntablist, producer, drummer and audio engineer with over 25 years of music industry experience -- notably as a member of the pioneering hip hop group Shades of Culture. Raised by Jamaican and Trinidadian parents, he spent most of his childhood and teenage years on a baseball diamond that led to a scholarship in the US, before getting hurt and turning to music. A few names he's worked alongside include DJ Qbert, Eminem, The Roots, KRS-One and The Backstreet Boys. 

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