Phoenix Thunderbird and Meredith Hama-Brown Finish Collaboration

It’s interesting how sometimes the simplest activities can easily become amazing tasks. In 2015 the wonderful, and woefully missed, Phoenix Thunderbird approached director Meredith Hama-Brown about shooting a video for their brand new single “Mind Mirror”. The idea was to do something simple for relatively cheap and have it out in a few months' time. When Hama-Brown started to brainstorm the idea, the project really took on a life of its own, one that would eventually stand separately from the band’s music and even surpass the life span of the group.

Wolkoff Drops the Drama With "Last Day On Earth"

Some things in life are worth revisiting: family photographs, last night’s Indian takeaway, the first two seasons of Arrested Development. For electronic pop genius Wolkoff, who returns this year with new single ‘Last Day On Earth’ and a promise of more material on the way, music and art also serve as a reminder of what’s better left behind.

Christian Lee Hutson "Northsiders"

Ever feel like getting your heart kicked right out of your body? Well, Christian Lee Hutson has something for you. The singer/songwriter just recently released his new Phoebe Bridgers-produced single “Northsiders” and that should do the trick. Hutson is the quintessential songwriter, sharing stories that while may not be your exact story are endlessly relatable in emotion.

Kirin J. Callinan Shares Video for "The Whole of the Moon"

Definitely the most enigmatic performer from a commonwealth country, and perhaps even the planet, Kirin J. Callinan has shared with us a tender and intimate music video for his song "The Whole of the Moon". The scene is set well in the video, and features very little extra and unnecessary fireworks, but with a man who shines star power like this, you could just put him on a stage and have him read the dictionary and be captivated.

Calpurnia Releases New Song "Cell"

It seems like it’s a classic story. The young actor, who really wants to showcase his chops as a musician, puts out an album with their band and is completely lambasted for it. But for every Dogstar and Thirty Seconds To Mars, we do get treated to something like a Dead Man’s Bones or now Calpurnia. These teens could’ve been written off as the lark of young matinee idol Finn Wolfhard -- a group of kids posing as rock stars to feed the ego of the lead singer -- but this is definitely not the case.

M83 Release "Karl"

The term “cinematic” gets thrown around when people are describing certain bands or artists, but if there is one this term totally rings true with it’s Anthony Gonzalez AKA M83. Gonzalez made his name releasing the wonderful 2008 album Saturdays = Youth, which could’ve been the long lost soundtrack to any John Hughes movie, and has since tackled actual film scores. Today sees the release of the single “Karl” from the film Knife + Heart, which was completely scored by the French electronic producer.


It’s a chilly morning in Montreal when I get ahold of Ariel Engle on the phone. She is going on a morning walk and sets the scene for us. “It’s a chilly but beautiful morning just walking down Fairmont beside a bagel store. It’s about -2 degrees and there is a lot of snow. It’s all very Montreal”, she says with a laugh. You may know Engle as one of the members of the mighty Canadian collective Broken Social Scene, but you will definitely start to know her more through her solo project La Force. Her self-titled debut album is a bold artistic statement.

Weyes Blood "Everyday" Video Is Just What We Need

The wonderful Natalie Mering just unleashed an absolute gift to us all earlier this month with the release of the second single and video, “Everyday” off of her upcoming Sub Pop record Titanic Rising. The artist, who we all know as Weyes Blood, just announced her new album will be coming out April 5th, and after hearing and seeing the new song and accompanying video the wait is officially excruciating.