Krane Design: Jasper Moto Vest

There seems to be some conflicting reports regarding vests. Do you go down-filled and poufy? Or do you go biker-style? Well, both will keep you warm so right now, go biker. Made with 100% genuine cow leather so you know it’s top-notch, the Jasper Moto Vest from Toronto’s Krane Design will keep you warm. Wear it under your coat. Wear it over your coat. Who cares? It’s your life and nobody should tell you how to wear a vest.


Goldeen: Baby Block Letter Necklace

You know when you’re on the bus and wearing headphones with your face buried in your Kindle and some dude will not stop talking to you? “Whatcha reading?” “Watcha listening to?” You try to be polite and tell him you’re not interested but he won’t let up. If you wear the Baby Block Letter Necklace from Toronto’s Goldeen maybe that obnoxious dude won’t talk to you?

Kollar Clothing: Dean Pullover

When David Kollar came to Canada from Slovenia at a young age, did he think he’d be one of the most exciting menswear designers around? Did he know he’d be slaying the menswear game one article of clothing at a time? Did he know Kollar Clothing would be so successful? Who’s to say. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe you should check out the Dean Pullover. Maybe you’ll love it and want to wear it every day.



All Saints: Tany Dress

It’s not summer yet, but you should prepare your closet for the heat that will descend upon us in a few months. The Tany Dress from All Saints can be worn in the winter too (with a cardigan and leggings) so don’t think you have to keep it trapped in your closet like R Kelly until the summer comes. The dress’ scoop necks says, “Yes, I am classy,” while its asymmetrical hem says, “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries”.


Revel and Riot: Rainbow Mountain Hoodie

One of the most recognizable emblems of the LGBTQ community is the rainbow. Whether you’re a member of the community, just visiting for the weekend or an ally, you can wear Revel and Riot’s Rainbow Mountain Hoodie with pride. From Montreal, Revel and Riot do good work like raising awareness for LGBTQ issues, which you would think wouldn’t be necessary in 2017 but, you know, the world sucks.

Lacoste: Women’s Stripe Sweatshirt Dress

Anyone for tennis? Jokes! It’s winter. But you can look like you’re up for tennis or whatever people do when they wear Lacoste. This Stripe Sweatshirt Dress is perfect for winter with a pair of tights or in the summer without tights. Unless you want to wear tights in the summer like you did when you were a 16-year-old goth who was super into Marilyn Manson and not smiling. We all did that. Right?

Feed: Rosa Clutch

If you want to do something good this season that also results in a stylish endeavor, get the Rosa Clutch from Feed. When you purchase this clutch, you can cross off the “something good” from your list because it provides 50 school meals for kids in need. Then you can cross off the “stylish endeavor” part because you get a nice clutch that goes with everything. Mega win/win.

Needs and Wants Studios: Varsity Trench

What if there was a way to combine a bomber jacket with a trench coat? Would you wear it? Would you never take it off except when you went inside because otherwise you’d get too hot? This is the Varsity Trench from Needs and Wants Studios, aka the coat you’re going to wear everyday this winter. It’s 100% wool, made in Toronto and looks great over everything you already own. Get this coat now and stay warm but more importantly, stay stylish.