Main and Local: Bleu Nuit Softcore Pillow

Before the Internet, if you wanted to look at naughty stuff you had throw on Télévision Quatre Saisons after your folks went to bed and see if you could catch a glimpse of people getting sexy on Bleu Nuit. For many young Quebecers, Bleu Nuit was better than any birds and bees talk we got from MRE* class or our parents. Commemorate Bleu Nuit with this cotton and silk pillow from Main and Local.

Peace Collective: Canadian As Fuck Scoop Tee

You are Canadian but are you Canadian as fuck? Yeah, you are. Show the world how we do things up North with this scoop tee from Peace Collective. Bonus - you’ll be supporting a homegrown company that participates in local initiatives to help communities do stuff like give to charity, donate clothing to those in need and ensure that children don’t go hungry. So, you’ll be Canadian as fuck and charitable as fuck.

Wants & Needs | State's Mini Kane

Here’s the Mini Kane from State. It’s shiny, it’s pretty and it’ll hold your stuff. For each Mini Kane sold, State hand-delivers a bag full of essential tools for success to a child in need. What are essential tools? What do kids need these days to succeed? Pokémon cards? Nintendo 64 cartridges? Whatever children need to get by today, let’s hope they get it. They will get it if you buy the Mini Kane. So, do that, k?



People Footwear: Jasper Sneakerboot

Boots are key if you live anywhere in our home and native land. You need something durable that also looks great. Made by Vancouver’s People Footwear, the Jasper Sneakerboot will keep your toesies warm and you’ll look dope wearing them. With quilted supportive padding, EVA rubber shell toe caps, textured midsoles and lugged outsoles, these boots are slip-proof.

Legends League: Reversible Lightweight Crewneck

This time of year, we need clothing for the “double chill”. That’s when it’s cold outside and you want to sit at home with your face in your laptop watching Netflix. For when you need to be in a state of chill while avoiding the chill of the outdoors, you need the Reversible Lightweight Crewneck from Legends League. This Canadian-made crewneck is so chill, it doesn’t care what side you wear it on.



Human Scales: Michael Double Faced Shirt

Shirts. We love them. You love them. Buy the Michael Double Faced Shirt from Human Scales and keep that love going. This shirt is slim fit, has real shell buttons – so you know it’s legit – and is made from double faced cotton (hence the name). Not sure who Michael is. Maybe he’s the inventor of the shirt? Maybe he’s just some dude? Maybe that’s not even his real name? Whoever he is, this shirt is amazing and you need it.


Victoire Boutique: L’Intervalle Gaga Chelsea Boots

Designed in Montreal and handmade in Spain where boots were invented (Maybe? Probably not.), these silver leather strikes are a must-have for your feet. Named after Lady Gaga and Chelsea Handler (Maybe? Probably not.), the 1.5-inch heel is perfect for that black tent dress with the high neckline that’s been hanging in your closet forever.