WEED | Running Back [ALBUM REVIEW]

Weed sound like that one young dude at the record store who knows everything and is wise beyond his years. I'm talking about the guy who, when you go to replace your used-through copy of Glass House, tells you about Billy's Ill-fated metal album so you can share a chuckle before gently steering you towards a Sleep album. Using that past knowledge to combine grungy guitars with a melodic dreamlike tone and bending notes right through your subconscious, Running Back is an effortlessly cool and enjoyable album. Lead single "Thousand Pounds" (which is also a 7" single) packs all those elements you want around a chorus that's sure to get stuck in your head for days. Maybe pick up a couple copies for friends to emulate that cool young record store guy...unlike that one asshole who scoffs that you don't know that what you're listening to is a Detroit deep-house inspired yazz record by Hal Johnson under the moniker McLoed. Ass.

Running Back is out now. Take a listen here.

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