Bass Coast | One Love

It’s Sunday, the last day of Bass Coast, and I’m sitting in the middle of a big, grassy field that stretches out from behind the back gates of Main Stage. The sun is hot and there’s a faint thud of bass in the air. There are laughing, costumed people skipping down the dirt path to my left and a couple making out on a couch to my right. A crowd has gathered up ahead in anticipation of the next deejay’s set.

FOCUS | Megan Prediger

Megan Prediger was born and raised on a farm outside of a hamlet in rural Alberta. After receiving a disposable point and shoot camera for her fourteenth birthday, Megan became enamoured with the warmth it gave to the people and things she shot. As such, she shoots exclusively with film. Her primary interest is portraiture that blurs the lines between candid and editorial.


For the founders of Fenntessa, life really is a beach. Robyn 'Fenner' Rush and Cami 'Tessa' Rush live it up on the West Coast of Canada, spend Christmas in Maui, and have journeyed to hotspots like Bali, Thailand, Croatia, Colombia, and many more. Having seen the world, and with an eye for style, the sisters launched their swimwear line Fenntessa, with the goal of bringing sleek, minimal cuts favoured around the world to their home and native land of Canada. 

Team Woodlot

Team Woodlot is Vancouverite couple Sonia and Fouad, and is made up of a combination of the duo’s unique mix of East Van creative savvy, and families steeped in heritage. With its origins rooted in family tradition, Team Woodlot keeps future generations in mind, too. That's why each Team Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. It’s also why all their soaps are made in small batches, with carefully selected local ingredients from their favourite places in Vancouver.

Stefana Fratila | Tristă cu Frică [ALBUM REVIEW]

Okay, so here's the thing with Joanna Newsom; sometimes I don't want to have to get into a crocheted hot air balloon to reach the top of Whimsy Mountain in the town of Gelfling. As an alternative, how about taking a stroll through the lush green hills of Endor with your little furry, though terrifying, Ewok buddies to their treetop metropolis? I know what you're thinking, "but I'm gonna have to hear that terrible 'Jub-Jub' song the whole time!" No worries friend.

Stefana Fratila | Evil [VIDEO]

"Evil" is a simple yet effective new video utilizing the wonders of 80's style contrast to effectively present a song with vocals that need not be overshadowed by high concept....unless you watch it with "They Live" glasses. That's when all the zombie/alien propaganda takes over and you'll need Fratila and Munoz (the director) to "Rowdy" Piper/David your way through the darkness. 

Hands off, Shepard Fairey. They don't need your help. 

Faraday Café

I can't tell you how much I depend on café's to connect me to the rest of the world. With work being in the cloud and with my role as the Online Editor relying on a strong Internet connection, café's with available WiFi are key. These days many of us work satellite and cafe's have become our home away from home and our office for the day. And we can't forget the coffee in one hand, phone in the other, checking our feeds and texting away. It's common-day communication. But what happens when there's no signal?

The Shilohs | Feet Found

You could say that The Shilohs sound a lot like the better power-pop acts of the sixties and seventies—your Kinks and your Big Stars. So much so, in fact, that you might say that’s exactly what The Shilohs frontman Johnny Payne was going for on their full-length debut, So Wild, released last year. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But, The Shilohs’ brand-new self-titled LP is much more diverse than their previous release.