The New Pornographers | Crowd Pleasers

“And the sea was all lighters, it was all lighters,” sings The New Pornographers frontman and primary songwriter Carl Newman in “Brill Bruisers,” the opening track from his band’s brand-new record of the same name. From the first downbeat of “Brill Bruisers,” the chorus of which paints the scene of a massive crowd swaying in unison, the band’s sixth studio album is a high-energy, melodically complex affair. And according to Newman, that dynamism is very much by design. 

Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars | Whispers to Rockefeller [VIDEO]

What a difference effort makes. This is a love story that is left enough of centre that you might actually pay attention. Did I say "love story?" Because I meant a story of lost love in which Vancouver thespian Paul Anthony expertly projects some aching want right into your soul. Anthem Jackson directs with some gorgeously muted tones that compliment this beautifully lonely song by Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars to a T. Cleanse that soul. Cleanse it with fire.


'CREATIVE DIFFERENCES Presented by Grolsch + ION Magazine' is an art series party that includes an interactive art competition. Vancouver hosted the first of the series with artists from Leonid Rozenberg and The Specials, Hot Art Wet City, and Sexy Bizness, and then again in Toronto during TIFF with artists Zarah Diniz, Dawn by Day, and 416 Gallery.

BB Gun Leather

This custom leather company is the handiwork of Vancouver musician Dustin Bentall, and lifelong friend Spencer Baker. Operating out of a 60-year-old shop in Strathcona, Vancouver, BB Gun Leather produces modern designed life pieces, but with the quality and individual care from centuries past.

Shimmering Stars | Bedrooms of the Nation [ALBUM REVIEW]

If the opening song doesn't make you feel like running around grabbing strangers in the street, possibly whilst shedding articles of clothing, looking for adoration that you so deserve because of that one time you got your hair just right in spite of the cowlick, than your brain probably doesn't work. However, "Anomie" has the ability to do that.