Zolas Release New Single "Bombs Away"

Oh Vancouver, we love you but you’re bringing us down. Skyrocketing housing prices and a super competitive job market frame this gorgeous city that, try as hard as we might, can’t seem to sustain any cultural identity but that just might be because of all the renovictions going on. The Zolas tackle this all with their rollicking new single “Bombs Away”, the band's first since 2016.

BRONCHO Release Two Songs In One Video

It's been a whole Olympic cycle since Tulsa's BRONCHO made a splash by soundtracking the unexpectedly emotional ad for Tinder Plus, and this past week they put in a massive effort in the video(s) for "Sandman" and "Boys Got To Go". The latter of the two has a firm grip on the beat and tempo of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, but it's the former that showcases the talent BRONCHO have over everyone else; they know how to boogie.

Kandle Releases New Video

Modern love. How do you tread the landscape of trying to establish a connection with anyone through countless apps, a steady and scrolling plethora of options and the knowledge that maybe there’s really not one person out there for everyone? It’s enough to make you want to take off to the middle of nowhere, move into a tiny pink trailer and cultivate your very own ‘Lars and The Real Girl” type situation. In the new video for Kandle’s “Broken Boys” our heroine does just that.

J Mascis Shares Debut Single From New Album

Over the last thirty odd years there hasn’t been a much more consistent outfit than Dinosaur Jr. Fans of the band have always known what to expect, the best kind of bittersweet melodies mixed with epic guitar solos that haven’t sounded this good since, well, ever really. The band has released ten studio albums and now lead singer/shredder J Mascis has announced his third solo outing, Elastic Days, which is available everywhere November 9th via Sub Pop records.

Ponytails' "Cherry Pie" Video Features Some Very Passionate Pie-Making

Ponytails are a great band. When you see them play together they have such a natural ease and chemistry with each other that it’s easy to assume they are all great friends off stage as well as on. The band has just released their new Lester Lyons-Hookham directed video for the winsome stunner “Cherry Pie,” and with it the reveal that the band is a lot tighter that we may have initially thought.

Holiday Sidewinder Releases New Track "Leo"

There's no such thing as a slut. A woman who gets all the action she wants is studly. Holiday Sidewinder has the nerve and charm to pull off this message without delivering it from the cross, or at the very least, the soapbox. Her latest song, a number so sparkly and catchy it wouldn't be out of place as a Kylie Minogue hit, has a clear and boastful message: I got laid, it felt good, that's as simple as it needs to be. The lead voice in the song had a few mojitos, went home with a boy, barely remembers his face, and had a nice time.

Cat Power Releases "Woman" Featuring Lana Del Rey

Cat Power has been an indelible part of the American songbook for the last couple decades. Her songs are as beautiful as they are diverse. Her absence the last few years has definitely been felt but now Chan Marshall is back with a new single and video for “Woman”, off of her upcoming tenth studio album Wanderer (October 5th, Domino Records). Featuring some help from Lana Del Ray, “Woman” is quintessential Cat Power. A healthy dose of Americana tiered by a solid driving rhythm section and dreamy harmonies.

Camille Brown of Gentle Mind is Here to Stay

The entertainment industry has always been trying to find people that possess that elusive X factor. There have been countless television reality shows about it. The one thing that everyone forgets, though, is that you can’t manufacture star power. It’s a combination of many things that are honestly pretty intangible. A wonderful example of this is local singer/songwriter Camille Brown. Camille and her band Gentle Mind haven’t been performing for very long in Vancouver but they are already turning heads.

INTERPOL Releases New Song, "Number 10"

Lurking under couches and in cupboards behind corn starch in many American homes are the remnants of the last stand of guitar-based music, from back in the early part of this century. The front lines being fought by the White Stripes and the Starlite Desperation, the war eventually was lost when Jet exposed the flank by not obeying orders, and the entire army collapsed.