Wes Borland's Matadors & Daughters

Best known as Limp Bizkit’s freaky looking guitarist, whose penchant for costumes and makeup is the envy of horny cosplayers worldwide, Wes Borland is onto something nu new. His burgeoning solo career has taken him away from his rifftastic nu metal upbringing all the way to the bright lights of Electrorock, USA.

Insufferable Dave Matthews Band Releases Not Terrible New Single

When he’s not being mistaken for actor John Cusack, Dave Matthews (still) fronts the Dave Matthews Band, a travelling bastion of missionary sex and white middle class values. Though commonly billed as a rock group, the Dave Matthews Band’s tuneless drivel is so watered down it makes Don Henley sound like GG Allin. Forget Tex-Mex, this is the Delaware-Mex of rock music.

Monsoon Moon Premiere New Video

Monsoon Moon’s music is a hauntingly humid blend of stripped down, lo fi psych-y stompers flirting with some devastatingly dark harmonies and wrapped in a bow of delight.  The Vancouver based duo has been keeping very busy lately showing off their brand of rock 'n' roll, and yesterday they just debuted their new video for the track “Saw Through”. The clip, directed by vocalist and guitar player Riley McMaster, comes across as a combination of It Follows and Abbott and Costello‘s Hold That Ghost.


Matthew Swann is a rarity in the music business in this day and age. Performing under his Astral Swans moniker he crafts thoughtful, introspective songs that contain some pretty powerful themes as well as some pretty powerful hooks. With his newly released sophomore album Strange Prison, Swann has created a set of extremely personal songs that at the same time are instantly relatable to any listener. The album tackles an array of subjects such as mental health issues, trauma, the duality of people and the uniting power of art.


At first pass, the ties between soon-to-be-retired metal masters Slayer and amorphous Chicago art rock collective Joan of Arc aren't exactly obvious.


Jo Passed was a band that almost never happened. The project that sprung from the mind of thoughtful Vancouver-based musician Jo Hirabayashi came about after he moved away from his home in Vancouver to the cultured, and much cheaper, climate of Montreal. “I didn’t plan on coming back,” Hirabayashi explains. “I thought I was going to stay out east and create a life for myself.


Morgan Waters is just outside of Bloomington, Indiana, driving through the countryside and discussing why, after a solid year of being on the road with his band, Weaves, that they would want to jump right back into more recording and touring. “We accumulated so many great experiences on that last tour but we felt like being creative again,” he explains about the process crafting the new Weaves album Wide Open.


General maintenance is on The Sea and Cake frontman/guitarist Sam Prekop's mind when ION reaches him shortly after the Chicago outfit have wrapped a rehearsal. In part, this means the band have been tightening arrangements and locking back into the gentle, jazzy grooves they've been crafting together since the early 90s, and continue to expand upon with Any Day, their first album in six years.

Maryze Debuts First Single

Perhaps realizing that the public connects with personality rather than product in these times, the soigné siren of Seaborne Maryse Bernard, has released some personal solo material. Times are tough for "bands" in an world where we try to get closer to them through Twitter interactions rather than the most high performing stereo system.

Bruce Springsteen’s “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)”

Sure, most of us can trace the broader consequences of the Cold War signing off, but what happened on Thunder Road when the Berlin Wall came crashing down? Bruce Springsteen’s sleeper hit “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)”, lifted from his 1992 album Human Touch, tackles the question head-on, providing an understated commentary about the meaning of the American Dream in an age of post-Cold War ennui that resonates deeper with every listen.


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