Allie Hanlon is going to be spending a lot of the spring promoting new music from her Peach Kelli Pop project.

Digital Pictures’ Horrifying Make My Video Series

After years of blocky pixels and rudimentary graphics, the promise of full motion video on home gaming consoles was nothing short of revolutionary. Throw a few of your favourite tunes into the mix and you’ve got yourself the makings of a fantastic time, right? Not exactly, I’m afraid. The 1992 release of the Sega CD in North America offered gamers the exciting chance to enjoy CD-ROM-based titles from the comfort of their living rooms, but a lack of imagination and the limitations of a technology still in its infancy sabotaged this much-maligned accessory from the outset.

Catching Up With Hot Snakes' John Reis

Hot Snakes guitarist John Reis has been reconnecting with a lot of old friends lately. This includes, of course, the rest of Hot Snakes, the fiery post-punk project he helped form in the late '90s— they release Jericho Sirens,  their first full-length in fourteen years, this week through Sub Pop.

Astral Swans Release New Video

The Internet is practically synonymous with cats at this point. Countless memes, Instagram accounts and Facebook posts are devoted to those lovable little buddies. Yesterday, Calgary based artist Astral Swans announced the release of his new album Strange Prison with a delightful little video starring one of the cutest little kittens you ever saw. The track, “What Are You Gonna Do With Yourself”, is a lightly introverted psychedelic number featuring a rollicking drumbeat and Swan’s soft and alluring vocals.

The Osheaga 2018 Line-Up Has Just Been Announced!!

After leaking a few of the artists performing this past weekend, Osheaga's festival team has just released the official line-up for the 2018 edition, taking place August 3-5 at Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau. Highlights include Travis Scott, St. Vincent, Blondie, Arctic Monkeys, Tyler the Creator, Franz Ferdinand and Florence & The Machine.

Brad Paisley’s So Much Cooler “Online”

Brad Paisley’s got a real hate on for Hollywood. His beef with Lipstick City goes all the way back to “Celebrity”, Paisley’s 2003 single that trashes how the famous can say “adios, reality” and behave like animals yet escape scot-free. Released in 2007 as the second single from 5th Gear, “Online” is Paisley’s attempt to make sense of the confusing cultural monolith that is the internet. You see, Brad’s just a simple country boy from West Virginia. He doesn’t understand fame, technology, or pretty much any paradigm shift since the Dust Bowl.

Robbie Dupree’s Bizarre Send-up to “Girls in Cars”

Best known for his smooth 1980 hits “Steal Away” and “Hot Rod Hearts”, famed dad rocker Robbie Dupree probably didn’t seem like a natural fit for the midnight world of “sports entertainment,” yet by 1987 his rapidly fading star prompted him to release “Girls in Cars” on the WWF compilation Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II. “Girls in Cars” is the deluded saga of one man’s love-hate relationship with, well, girls in cars.

Vancouver's Jo Passed Signs to Prestigious Sub Pop and Royal Mountain Labels

It’s really nice when great things happen to great people. Today it was announced that the wonderful Jo Passed are not only releasing a new album, Their Prime, but that it’s coming out on May 25th via Hollerado's Royal Mountain Records in Canada and the mighty Sub Pop Records in the US/Worldwide. As if that wasn’t news enough, today we were also treated to the new video for the album’s first single “MDM”. Directed by Eleanor Petry the clip explores the band’s relationship with their phones.

Camaromance Release "Audrey"

It’s been eight years since Martine Groulx has made any new music. As the leader of Montreal’s Camaromance, the singer songwriter released three records between 2004 and 2010 then fell off the map. Recently Groulx found herself mourning a series of losses and was inspired to get her feelings out in the best way that she could, through music. Her new album Chasing Clouds will be dropping April 6th on Simone Records and features some of Groulx’s most personal songwriting to date. Today she releases “Audrey” the first single from that album.

Belly Announce First Album in 23 Years, Release New Single

Tanya Donelly was already a fixture of the 90s college rock scene when she formed Belly in 1991. Having already been a part of Throwing Muses with her stepsister Kristin Hersh and one of the original Breeders, coming out of the gates Belly already had quite the pedigree. The band released two wonderful albums, Star in 1993 and King in '95 to critical acclaim and then quietly disappeared.


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