Artist Profile | Paul Rentler

The iconography of superheroes is imprinted on us at an early age. Just try closing your eyes and imagining the pointy-eared silhouette of Batman, the building-to-building strands of webbing connecting Spider-Man to his New York cityscape, or Captain America's red-white-and-blue Vibranium shield. It's all there, right? Ohio artist Paul Rentler is messing up those memories, distorting decades' worth of backstory with his character-mashing collages.

The Gaze | Always With

"But most often, and especially in public, we behave like strangers, or like acquaintances who pretend to not see or recognize each other. Or, we remain silent like an old married couple, who do not speak, do not need to. They act alone together. I suppose this is all true with us."

The Gaze | Rituals

A ritual, according to its generic definition, refers to "any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner." And sure, when applied to the arts, one could make a parallel with an artist's creative process. That's exactly what Jeremy Boleyn and Kristofer Dompierre's new exhibition - and first of a series - is all about: exploring rituals as a creative process accompanying the artists until the work's completion.