Wants & Needs: 2Alas Black and White Print

Art collective 2Alas has a new black and white print that you need for your bedroom. Or your kitchen. Or your living room. Or your bathroom. Just put it somewhere in your house. You’ll be in awe of its beauty and never stop staring at it. Your friends will text all like, “WHERE ARE YOU”. And you’ll be like, “STARING AT AWESOME PRINT BYE”. Then your friends will come over and stare at it with you.

Matthew Namour Gallery presents Kevin Cyr's solo exhibition of graffitied trucks

Tonight at the Matthew Namour Gallery in Montreal is the opening of artist Kevin Cyr's solo exhibition, featuring his realistic paintings of the city's eclectic mix of graffitied trucks and vans.

"Cyr's first solo show in Montreal pays Hommage to what gives the city its unique & vibrant character. This new series of oil paintings uses imagery of Montreal's modern day workhorses to talk about the space: 'One can tell a lot about an area by the types of vehicles seen on its streets'."

It's happening now, so head on over to check it out! 

This Weekend in TO: FOMO at Drake One Fifty

Happening in TO this Sunday, September 18th: FOMO, an Exhibition Launch at Drake One Fifty.

FOMO is Drake One Fifty's 4th annual art flip -- an exhibition of both local + international works that’ll nurture your GIF obsession. Featuring artists including Wendy White, Shaun Gladwell, Michael Vickers and Jen Mann, the installations, fluorescent abstract sculptures or murals will become a mainstay within Drake One Fifty's stunning interior from Sept. 18, 2016 - Sept. 15, 2017.

Wants & Needs | Moop "Get in loser" print

You need this framed art print by moop because it combines the best line from Mean Girls with The X-Files. Sorta. It’s not clear if this solid wood contemporary Vector frame featuring a gesso coating and shatterproof acrylic protection for the matte 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper is an ode to Mulder and Scully but whatever, it’s still dope. Get it today and see if the truth is really out there. Even if it isn’t out there, you still have this sweet print to hang on your apartment wall.

Wants & Needs | Design Corner: Rib-Cage Card

Instead of sending your friends birthday texts, send them actual birthday cards. Design Corner has a collection of awesome pop culture cards that feature some pretty rad puns. Handmade in Nova Scotia, printed on the good kind of paper, these 5” x 6.5” cards can come blank or with a custom message of your choosing. From Nicholas Cage to Star Wars, there’s a card for everyone, even that one friend that you kinda hate but are forced to hang out with because they have a pool and it’s too hot outside not too swim.

Wants & Needs | Station 16's Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils

When was the last time you used a pencil? Elementary school? Never? Well, now you can use pencils again - or at least display them somewhere in your home - with Station 16 Gallery’s Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils. This Montreal-based printshop and gallery is known for their dynamic representations of pop culture, graffiti and street art and now [Oprah voice]  PENCILS!!!! Pencils are good for drawing and writing and these particular ones feature wisdom nuggets from Andy Warhol. Get these pencils now before their 15 minutes of fame are up. 

Montreal's Mural Fest 2016

It's Grand Prix weekend in Montreal! But if you're like us and the Crescent Street X race car scene isn't your thing, don't sweat it... it's also Mural Fest 2016! St. Laurent has been closed to traffic, and shops, bars and restos will be spilling out into the street. Head over to watch artists from all over paint amazing murals in real time, check out outdoor exhibitions and DJ sets (A-Trak's back home in MTL and playing on June 12th!), sign up for some pretty interesting conferences (MissMe's giving a talk on June 16th), or even take a guided tour of the murals.

ION Magazine Presents - Once Our Land - Book Launch + Artshow

ION Magazine is proud to present Peter Ricq's, Once Our Land book launch and curated art show on Friday, May 13th at ONLOK Gallery. Once Our Land is a self published, 110 page graphic novel written and Illustrated by Peter Ricq, with the help of Sunny Shah’s illustrations, Andrew Young’s colouring, and Phil Ivanusic-Vallee's editing.