Vancouver's Chinatown Night Market Revamped

If you've been to Vancouver during the summer, then you've probably checked out its Chinatown; and if there on a weekend evening, the Chinatown Night Market. Although it was once larger in size and took place on more streets, over the past few years the Night Market has become just a small strip of vendors on one block; well that's all about to change.

Click That 'Hood

Think you know your city well? Do you really know all the neighborhood names and where they are located? Test your knowledge with Click That 'Hood, an online game where you have to identify the city neighborhoods. There are two options to choose to play; the first where you can start the game with just 20 random neighborhoods, or the difficult level where you play all the 'hoods.

Bones Brigade

Skateboard legend, entrepreneur and filmmaker Stacy Peralta writes another chapter with this autobiographical documentary. Set in the 1980’s, years after “Dogtown and Z-Boys” and “Lords of Dogtown” comes this personal docu-movie which focuses on a group of young, straight-laced, skater American kids – the “Bones Brigade” - who proved that anything is possible (apparently most of them are millionaires these days).

ION | 10 Years of Art. Fashion. Music. Culture.

To kickoff our 10-year anniversary, we're going larger than life with some of our favourite covers. Check out the ION billboards on the corner of Broadway and Kingsway in East Vancouver (just around the corner from our last pop-up shop). A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of the ION team along the way, including our contributors, photographers, distribution teams, and of course all our readers!

Trade School | Barter For Knowledge

We love learning, but we loathe the debt that comes with it. That's why we love Trade School, a non-traditional learning community that runs on barter. Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items from the students; and students sign up for classes by agreeing to bring such barter items for the teacher. It's an easy concept: giving back to each other in more meaningful ways than what monetary value holds.

Letter To Yourself | Dear Future Me:

Second week into the new year and we're already failing on our resolutions. But not to worry, General Assembly knows that resolutions can be tough to keep, so they've come up with a plan to help with their "Letter To Yourself" reminder. Using their site, write a letter to yourself with your 2013 goals, and half way through the year, they will send it back to you to make sure you are keeping yourself on track.

Hotel Zero 1 | Montreal

Looking for somewhere to stay in Montreal? Located in the Quartier des Spectacles, Zero 1 is a new, modern, boutique hotel, and we can assure that you won’t be disappointed. It has 120 rooms, divided into categories such as POP room - perfect for urbanites, or for a little upgrade, try its big sister, the HIP room, both are perfect for “reinventing yourself or achieving your dreams.” Those are some high expectations.