Eyn Phonecase

Men, forget bulky jeans pockets and women, leave the purse at home, and say “thank you” to the EYN iPhone case. EYN – which, aptly, stands for ‘Everything You Need” - combines your wallet and your phone, as well as including a compact mirror and a secure space for anything from bank cards, I.D., business cards and cash. It does make your iPhone a little bulkier, but hey, it’s lightweight plastic and carries all you need, cutting out all the unnecessary garbage we tend to carry around with us on a day-to-day basis.

Peaches Does Herself | Film recap

Peaches Does Herself could more aptly be titled Peaches Is Herself, or, simply, Peaches. Such is the level of sexualized frenzy and post-taboo theatrics that is associated with her work—Peaches Does Herself is almost a redundancy. In this her feature film debut, she does not withhold or disappoint, taking us on an “epic biographical journey through 22 original songs,” accompanied by obscene choreography following a loosely strung together narrative.

Sister | film recap

At the age of ten, there are only so many things you know how to do: play one or two sports relatively well, fumble in your romantic dealings, get into and consequently try to stay out of trouble, and steal. For Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein), stealing is his métier, and with his older sister Louise (Léa Seydoux) to support, he has little choice.

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser | Film [FNC]

Kaspar Hauser was allegedly born in Germany in 1812 and died by stabbing in 1833. He claimed to have grown up in total isolation in a darkened cell but much of his life has been little more than conjecture; facts soon dismissed as fiction. Italian director Davide Manuli uses this story as his jumping off point in the enigmatic, experimental The Legend of Kaspar Hauser.