FNC | Neighbouring Sounds [recap]

Memories are not always of significant moments. There are the times in between, where we are who we are, in the places we live, with the people we surround ourselves with. In Kleber Mendonca Filho’s Neighboring Sounds, a well-to-do Brazilian family that populates a city block in Recife, Brazil, eats, sleeps, stares, eavesdrops, fights, make up, and continue to live their lives.

It Looks Pretty From A Distance [film] | FNC

It could always be worse, though at times, that can be hard to believe. A mother pees herself to spite her son, beds ooze maggots, a prostitute poisons a string of dogs, simply because she can. With It Looks Pretty From a Distance, co-directors and married couple, Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, have created a quietly towering work of sheer miserabilism.

MAKERS series | Oregon Creatives [video]

For the MAKERS series, Shwood Eyewear pays homage to some of Portland's most innovative crafters, artists, builders, writers, and designers that inspire the experimental creators in us all. Part 1 features ADX in Southeast Portland; a community-based creative workshop whose members are not only making and building for themselves, but concurrently enabling others to do the same.

Searching For Sugar Man | Documentary

Searching for Sugar Man tells the incredible true story of Rodriguez, the greatest '70s rock icon who disappeared, but who's bootlegged music became the anthem for apartheid South Africa for two decades. The film follows the story of two South African fans who set out to find out what really happened to the singer, and their investigation leads them to a story more extraordinary than any of the rumours.

Festival Of Lights | Berlin

If you happen to be heading to Berlin from October 10-21, you have to check out the annual Festival of Lights. Taking the whole light show thing to the next level, the entire city will be lit up like a Christmas tree. Using light and video projections, as well as interactive and static installations to transform the city, the 12 day festival also has other arts and cultural events, live jazz and shopping sales going on at the same time. Yet another great reason to visit Berlin.

Win a pass to the opening of FNC-hotel included

What is FNC? The Festival du nouveau cinéma is about a spirit: the spirit of good company, revelry and fun. Every edition is a chance to get together and celebrate a shared passion for film around each new lineup. The eleven-day Festival is designed as a space devoted to discussions, meetings and sharing, where film fans come together with artists and professionals to exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Mike & Ike call it quits?

It’s not often we write about candy, actually, this may be the first time. But sometimes candy is worth talking about, especially when there is some tongue and cheek controversy involved. The other day I was at the beach and a pal offered me a box of Mike and Ike. Like most, I grew up with these chewy fruit-flavoured candies and I was excited to indulge in a favourite past-time snack. They tasted just as delicious as I remembered, but something was different – Ike’s name was scratched out on the box. Have Mike and Ike split? What is going on?