Naked and Famous Denim: Arrows Print Short Sleeve Shirt

It’s summertime! Time to get those sleeves out of the way and show off those arms. Whether you’ve got cannons, pistols, or stun guns, your arms will look amazing in the Arrows Print Short Sleeve Shirt from Naked and Famous Denim. Plus, this shirt is 100% cotton so you know it’s gonna breathe like nobody’s business. Also, arrows? Pretty dope.

Matthew Miller: Sweatshirt with Military Details

Forget the price. Forget the colour. Forget the designer details. The only thing that matters is that this Matthew Miller sweatshirt has Velcro. VELCRO. Why would you even have to think twice about wearing this? Velcro is fun. It’s almost as fun as bubble wrap. Don’t you want clothing you can play with? However, make sure not to play with it in a meeting or somewhere that you have to be quiet because Velcro makes noise.

Hudson’s Bay: Compact Umbrella

April showers may bring May flowers and June showers water my balcony plants so I guess there's a plus side to it, but it can be annoying, even if you live in Vancouver or Halifax and pretend you're used to it. Regardless of where in this gorgeous country you live, you’ll need an umbrella at some point soon. It might even be raining right now where you are which is why you need this beauty from Hudson’s Bay.

Free People: Luna Tee

The Luna Tee from Free People takes advantage of the current cold shoulder trend, which is a good thing. The cold shoulder was popular in the 80s and then disappeared. Now it’s back with a vengeance to take over your closet. If you don’t own any shirts that feature cold shoulders, then this one is for you. Even if you have cold shoulder items in your wardrobe you should still get the Luna Tee because it’s rad.




Anthropologie: Raye Striped Sweatshirt

Anthropologie is known for their boho style, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, this sweatshirt can be your cup of tea because it’s classic and not “zomg I forage for my food because I’m saving my trust fund to save the whales”. Not that there’s anything wrong with saving the whales. They can’t save themselves. As for foraging for your food, gross, but it’s your business.

Le Château: Crêpe de Chine Cape Blouse

Hi, this is Le Château calling. Don’t hang up. Hear us out. We’re different now. We’ve finally gotten with the times. We don’t have crap clothes anymore. We’ve changed. We have this cute little blouse that you can wear with jeans or to a meeting that you can’t wear jeans to and have to wear fancy pants or a skirt. We want you to know that we’re not stuck in the 90s anymore. We have clothing that people actually want to wear. We promise.

Fenty x Puma: Cropped Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Check out this cropped long sleeve sweatshirt from the Fenty x Puma collection born of a collaboration between the sneaker giant and RiRi. Fenty is Rihanna’s last name. You probably knew that because it’s not exactly a secret. It’s on her Wiki page along with other useful information like how her first name is Robyn. Wikipedia also informs us that she’s worth over $160 million US dollars. Are you worth that much?

Dr. Martens: Talib Venice

Dr. Martens makes the perfect footwear. Each pair of docs match with whatever your wearing, especially the Talib Venice boots because they are so crisp like a piece of fresh lettuce (if lettuce was white and could be worn on your feet). They have the same doc construction and this boot has eight eyes. Not actual eyes obviously. They’re the holes that the laces go through. Imagine if boots had real eyes? Weird and gross.

White + Warren: Combed Cotton Tee Dress

This combed cotton dress from White + Warren has hidden pockets. What else do you need? Nothing. Pockets are the most important thing a dress can have. You can put your hands in them. You can put your phone in them. You can put anything in a dress pocket. Well, not anything because an elephant wouldn’t fit but you wouldn’t ever be in a situation where you’d need to hide a pachyderm in your pocket.