m0851 | Boxing Day

Urban artistry is the order of the day at m0851. A unique blend of minimalist Scandinavian structure, Japanese serenity and Mediterranean vitality, all m0851 products possess a distinct look and feel—balancing old-world elegance with new-school articulation. In a day and age when fashion is often reduced to fads, and style characterized by superficiality, m0851 collections stand out by being as functional as they are refined, as beautiful as they are durable.

Atelier New Regime

Started in the summer of 2009, New Regime’s original objective was to create a brand that resembled no other clothing line in Montreal, while remaining true to their roots, neighbourhoods, and cultures. New Regime isn’t just a clothing brand, it’s a lifestyle, and part of this lifestyle involves giving back to the community—locally, and worldwide.

The Slow Factory

“Everything you make returns to the Earth as food or poison.” With a manifesto that starts with that sentence, The Slow Factory definitely sets out with a strong sentiment. With a combination of science and design, The Slow Factory takes satellite images of space, as well as Earth’s big cities as seen from space and prints them onto luxurious silken scarves. This makes for a unique company, and an equally unique product.

Once Youth

Once Youth is an LA based clothing company that embraces today's youth culture. Designed by sibling duo Asia and Evan Hall, this brand makes fashion forward garments that appeal to today's generation through new silhouettes and designs. With the likes of Charlie XCX and Supermodel Chloe Norgaard wearing the brand, it's no wonder we had it on our radar. Live the Once Youth message: it's time for us to seize every moment and live life to its fullest. You're only young once. 

D.L. Eyewear | F/W 14

The summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to put our shades away. Especially when you feast your eyes on D.L. Eyewear, Dan Levy's eponymous line of optical & sunglass frames, and their F/W collection. They are building on their core collection, after a well received first year that has ensured their brand continues to grow.

No Fun Press

Torontonian Reilly Hodgson started No Fun Press in 2011 as an outlet to produce the soft goods, artist editions, and bootlegs that he wanted to make but, up until then, didn't have a platform for. He then became a man that seized the moment; a one man show that has stayed that way ever since, with Hodgson running the company out of his live/work space on Toronto's west side. No Fun products typically fall into one of two categories—rap jokes or negativity.