JORD Wood Watches

“Everyone uses their phones to check the time…watches have become more of a fashion accessory.” With that in mind, Salman Shah and his team of entrepreneurs founded JORD. Swedish for “earth, soil, nature”, JORD connects with just that, with a premium line of watches made entirely from wood—fashionable, sustainably made entirely from natural materials, and with no two watches being exactly the same. Want one?

BB Gun Leather

This custom leather company is the handiwork of Vancouver musician Dustin Bentall, and lifelong friend Spencer Baker. Operating out of a 60-year-old shop in Strathcona, Vancouver, BB Gun Leather produces modern designed life pieces, but with the quality and individual care from centuries past.


For the founders of Fenntessa, life really is a beach. Robyn 'Fenner' Rush and Cami 'Tessa' Rush live it up on the West Coast of Canada, spend Christmas in Maui, and have journeyed to hotspots like Bali, Thailand, Croatia, Colombia, and many more. Having seen the world, and with an eye for style, the sisters launched their swimwear line Fenntessa, with the goal of bringing sleek, minimal cuts favoured around the world to their home and native land of Canada. 

Heart City Apparel

Walking around Montreal, you will likely be struck by two ubiquitous details: its street art, and its homeless population. This contrast of beauty and desperation inspired Matt Dajer, a recent McGill University graduate, and his team to start Heart City Apparel. This start-up sells clothes designed by artists that give back to the homeless in their cities.


STYLIST Deanna Palkowski
HAIR Sabrina Karem  
MAKE UP Min-Jee Mowaa
MODELS Anton and Calvin @Wilhelmina Models 


Using Andy Warhol’s "Factory" as inspiration, TRIWA set up a creative studio in the heart of Stockholm, and, using their Scandinavian heritage and incredible style, this foursome created some beautiful sunglasses. Playing around with vibrant colours, steel, transparencies, different material and bold shapes, they add a little attitude to your summer disguise. TRIWA shades are made with classic cuts, contemporary detailing, and are inspired by the short but vivid summer in Stockholm.

Team Woodlot

Team Woodlot is Vancouverite couple Sonia and Fouad, and is made up of a combination of the duo’s unique mix of East Van creative savvy, and families steeped in heritage. With its origins rooted in family tradition, Team Woodlot keeps future generations in mind, too. That's why each Team Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. It’s also why all their soaps are made in small batches, with carefully selected local ingredients from their favourite places in Vancouver.