Wolf Circus

What’s Wolf Circus you ask? Started by Fiona Morrison while still in university in 2011, Wolf Circus is a collection of drool-at-the-mouth jewellery pieces that we want to get our hands/necks/ears/wrists on, really rather badly. Started up after Morrison noticed the attention and conversation a single piece of jewellery could garner, she launched a bold, bright and raw collection, which does just that with eye-catching designs, quality stones and raw diamonds.

Pappeal Tyvek Bags

We’re big on bags this month, and we stumbled across this start up, Pappeal Tyvekderived from a unique idea to use paper—which makes beautiful, simple and durable bags. Available in duffel, messenger and backpack versions, they are the result of a collaboration between three people with a desire to create something unusual and exclusive. And that’s exactly what they did.

Nocturnal Workshop

This West Coast brand hails from Vancouver and makes tech-heritage inspired backpacks and accessories from 3M reflective material. The Nocturnal Workshop backpacks are designed by artisans in Vancouver and Seattle, and with slim silhouettes and minimalist designs they are perfect for the commuter and the urbanite. NW collections come in various colours and even include an all over black reflective backpack.