Wants & Needs | AG Hair Care

AG Hair has launched their new spring line, TEXTURE, which boasts undone hair made easy.

The line includes four products that feature an innovative range of naturally-derived and locally-made products, which include AG’s exclusive formula Sea Complex. Sea Complex is an infusion of three naturally texturing and clarifying seaweed extracts plus anti-aging sea-berry oil.

The line offers a Cleansing Cream; Sea Spray, Textured Gloss and a Dry Wax. The brand also has new packaging, all wrapped up in lovely peonies.

Untitled Art Space turns one! [Event]

Over the past 12 months, Untitled Art Space has been testing the limits of the art gallery experience with everything from photography and audio/visual performances, to an installation of a partial skateboard park coming through the doors of the tiny space. Through this year-long exploration, the gallery has found that its identity lays ultimately in collaboration and the experimentation of interactive art and interdisciplinary projects.

Wants & Needs | Noon Jewellery

Noon Jewellery Designer, Sophie Armstrong, is attracted to amorphous forms, which is evident in her previous collections. She continues to seek new shapes to create with, as seen in her latest, “The Singles Collection”. Inspired by the way people interact, and the bodies we move in, this collection is comprised of sterling silver and pearls. Every piece is made by hand and comes with proper care instructions to make these investment pieces last a lifetime.

We WANT & NEED The Pearl Choker.  

Paulie's Barbershop | Best Hood Feel Good

Paul Donnici, formerly from The Belmont, has opened up a traditional barber shop in the Vancouver neighborhood of Little Mountain, and we couldn't be any more excited about it. Paulie's Barbershop focuses on great traditional cuts and male grooming, as well a carefully curated, high quality range of self care products and grooming tools from California, Italy, England, Victoria, Spain, and Australia.


Whether you’re headed out to an upcoming music festival, a coffee shop, or to explore the streets around you, there’s the inevitable age-old question: What bag should I take? The Explorer’s Belt Bag by Vancouver’s Andrea Wong is the perfect answer if you’re like me and want to frolic along, hands free, without having to worry about dragging your purse along. Don’t worry, this is no polyester 80s fanny pack.

FOCUS | Tom Nugent

Tom Nugent is fighting back. For too long he has slaved away in Hollywood’s visual effects industry, thumb-wrestling the devil, twisting digital images into unspeakable lies: soldiers in space, genderless horses, Chris Hemsworth’s abs. But not now. With his photography, Tom seeks out the honesty of genuine human moments, unmolested by technical sorcery. Sometimes he finds them within the looseness of everyday ping-ponging, that nebulous place where indigo becomes violet.

RYU Athletic Tech Apparel

Designed for athletes by athletes is this brands motto. RYU “Respect Your Universe” just opened its flagship store located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver. Among producing athletic tech apparel, RYU has an impeccable athletic tech accessory line. The Locker Pack is a backpack that covers your every need and its unique drop front design even doubles as a portable locker!


An ever-changing collection of classic and curiously unique designs, NU KIND, designed and produced in Vancouver, is the embodiment of influence, inspiration, love, and self-exploration. Each piece is designed with utmost simplicity in hopes that it will be worn and styled however desired, with no limitations, and that their wearers—and even non-wearers —will feel the spirit and passion behind the brand. This fall, NU KIND has taken their three classic pieces and incorporated the timeless quality of vintage denim.