Tim Clapp | Clapp Music

Tim Clapp is relaxed today, even though the local music impresario and label owner, of Kingfisher Bluez records, is in the middle of moving. Looking at the thousands of albums that line the wall of his East Vancouver apartment, one can imagine the act of packing all of these up would be enough to make even a shy, bald Buddhist irritable. On the contrary, however, as ION writer Adam Fink discovers.

Hey Jude

If you’re based in Vancouver and haven’t heard of Hey Jude then you’ve almost definitely been living under a rock. Lyndsey and Lauren, the talented duo behind this innovative vintage fashion company have always loved the history behind vintage and mixing unique items and finally in late 2010 formed Hey Jude—hand-picked, quality vintage collections from all over the world.

FOCUS | Gillian Stevens

Gillian Stevens lives in Vancouver with her husband in an old apartment by the sea. She is inspired daily by the city in which she lives. Her photography is as natural as her approach, as can be seen through her images, where she captures moments in an authentic way, by photographing the things that bring joy and meaning to those around her. Her passion for her work stems from an appreciation of the community and people surrounding her.


LOST BOY. came about after Armin Tehrani, one of the owners of Vancouver’s Board of Trade Co., compiled all of his random drawings, doodles, and sketches over the years and changed them from his private collection into an earnest, seriously cute line of greeting cards. These cards are damn cute, and really are a wonderful way to show someone that they are special to you.