Montreal's Maryze Releases Follow-Up Sophomore Single

It's been nearly three months since Seaborne singer Maryze has debuted her solo material, and in that time she has evidently decided to return to her long time producing partner, Solomon K-I. Solomon, who is the other half of Seaborne, might seem like a peculiar choice to produce. Why release something as a solo artist to breakaway from a group, but use the exact same lineup?

Bad Religion Release Tired New Single About Trump or Something

Despite decades of honing their supposed art, Bad Religion can’t seem to escape the suffocating trap of a discography stained with insipid lyrics and the self-described “oozin’ aahs” that make up their boorish attempts at three-part vocal harmonies. Rather than push themselves creatively, Bad Religion always opt for an easy windfall by catering to the outlet mall punks of America’s suburban sprawl.

Mudhoney Release New Track "Paranoid Core"

The mighty Sub Pop Records is having their dirty thirty this year and today the legendary PNW label has announced they will be releasing the 10th studio album from Seattle mainstays Mudhoney on September 28th. As one of the OG ‘Grunge” bands of the late 80s, Mudhoney has been blowing out bedroom speakers with their brand of fuzzed out aggression for thirty years and it’s refreshing to see not much has changed with the band.

JIANTS Release Video for "Plan"

As a born and bred Canadian west coaster there are certain aspects about life east of, well, anywhere past Vancouver city limits that consistently surprise me. One of these aspects is the Toronto Islands, a small chain of islands south of Toronto on Lake Ontario that I have never heard of. Toronto Island life, specifically the life of its only year-round caretaker, is the subject of the brand new video by Jiants. The clip stars our unnamed hero, a basketball-shooting, pizza-loving resident who has a lot of dreams that he doesn’t seem able to make materialize.

I M U R Debuts New Song

Vancouver has become quite the hotbed for independent hip hop and R&B over the last couple years. Artists such as Tonyé and Tee Krispil have been turning heads with their sophisticated take on the genre, and rising up to join their ranks is local trio I M U R.  The band released their debut album, Little Death, last year and followed that up with a string of successful tour dates, and today we are treated to the premiere of the first single off their upcoming EP THIRTY33,  “Miss You Hate You”.

Petra Glynt Releases New Single "New Growth"

Petra Glynt isn’t just your average EDM bedroom producer. The Montreal-based artist, not a term we are using loosely here, is quite honestly a force to be reckoned with. Her debut album, the delightfully trippy The Trip, was released last year to positive acclaim and now Glynt is following that up with My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love, a record that shatters any expectations and puts to shame any worry of a sophomore slump.

Captain America Calling: The Kinks’ “Catch Me Now I’m Falling”

The ‘70s weren’t exactly a great time for the Kinks – or America for that matter. After an amazing run of critically beloved albums to close out the ‘60s, the Kinks were now languishing in pop purgatory, with neither the rave reviews nor chart success of old to keep the Davies brothers warm at night – although given the soaring cost of oil in the ‘70s, who could afford to heat their home anyway?

Norway's Datarock Release Superman II-Inspired Video

It’s been a number of summers since Computer Camp and you may wonder what does one gain from attending; a diploma, a trophy, perhaps the upper hand on the technology of the future? Apparently what Datarock got was banished to a cold void much like General Zod. Luckily they’ve applied all the knowledge they gained from camp and turned that void into some sort of interstellar transport. Superman may have stolen the red tracksuits to make a cape but that hasn’t dampened the unrelenting fun of a sunglasses clad dance track.

The Mary Onettes Release New Single

One of most impressive achievements in this century is when a mid-level act gains notoriety during the halcyon days of blogs having the power to crown artists, and manage to not fade away into obscurity and un-funny punchlines from aging tastemakers.


Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, also known as FOXTROTT, started a pretty remarkable journey in 2015 with the release of her Polaris Prize nominated album A Taller Us. The Montreal-based performer and producer started to write the songs that made up her debut record as way to cope with the anxiety she felt. Through the process of that album's creation and subsequent touring, which found FOXTROTT performing all over the world, this unease drifted away and the artist has captured a more confident tone with her three new EPs Mediations I-II-III.


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