Spinners and Boozers

The alternative choice had a weak J, she said, pointing to the sign at the door. So they decided to go with a different typeface – one that still conjured up the idea of history and presented the fortitude the opposition party needed to get whatever message it was it had across to the people of Canada.

Hello Darkness

So here we are in Ottawa, in the Year of Our Lord, Two-Thousand and Twelve and already deep into the new politics of immigration, a course set and championed by the Conservative government, and more specifically by immigration minister Jason Kenney, the Harper-in-waiting. And in comes Conrad Black, the spurned Canadian newspaper baron – a sort of Dickensian hangover icon of late 19th Century nostalgia, right down to his exile back to the Old Country at the hands of a chastened prime minister.

Coast Modern

If you’ve ever caught yourself flipping through reruns of MTV Cribs wishing authors and designers got the same treatment, Coast Modern is likely a refreshing way to spend an hour of your life.

Notes From The Hill

Most days, the debate in the House of Commons humps the line between inane and insane for the gawking obsessives, the press gallery, who like to watch but can’t touch. The only difference is there’s no hockey. Not anymore.

Buried Life

Have you ever experienced this? You're sitting with a friend, listening to them describe an idea, a new project they're working on and you're like..."Shit, That's a great idea. Why the fuck didn't I think of that?"