Another collaboration we couldn’t have done better if we chose it ourselves, dropped this month. Backpack gurus JanSport have got together with San-Fran based streetwear visionary Benny Gold and iconic Pendleton to create a collection of packs and accessories that bring out and combine the best of each brand with end results you’ll covet until you get your hands on one.

Lululemon Lab | Tight Club Capsule Collection

We have never wanted to join a fitness club so much until seeing this collaboration. Making 'tight' a lifestyle, Lululemon Lab—Lululemon's hub for technical innovation rooted in collaborative creativity and functional fashion; a retail and design space in one, creating limited edition designs in Vancouver—has teamed up with Tight Club Athletics.

D.L. Eyewear

Former MTV Canada personality, Dan Levy, is a well-dressed Canadian style icon. Known especially for his charm and thick-rimmed glasses, Levy—son of actor, Eugene Levy, another man that wear's spectacles well—has launched his own eyewear line, D.L. Eyewear


Their logo is flipping people off; who doesn't like to do that?! MINTING DIE is a collaborative collection project sourcing designers to create a cohesive entity of style. Their first instalment is the MINTING DIE rings. Wear them on your upper and lower knuckle, and prepare to look badass. The best part is men can wear them too! The only dilemma we find with them is that they are like Lay’s chips—betcha can't have just one! Want to get MINTED?

Ruby Starling

Ruby Starling has a devotion to capture a carefree lifestyle through fashion. With a passion for classic rock and 1970s culture, founder Amber Dennis and her other half, Johnny Kaye—who left behind a life of touring in a rock 'n' roll band—sets out to capture rebellious style. Using the finest denim fabrics and wash techniques, Ruby Starling emphasizes on fit and style to create must have pieces that redefine effortless cool.


There’s a new craze rustling through the Vancouver party scene. Take a glance around some of Vancouver’s watering holes and you’ll probably see some of the ladies wearing splashes of colour, puffball style silk, and showing a lot of leg. With these credentials, what’s not to love about PARTYSKIRTS?