Guy Friday | Cycling Caps

In July 2012, Ian Bowles took it upon himself to learn how to sew. With an interest in cycling caps, Bowles started producing his very own to wear while working as a bicycle messenger in Vancouver. As Bowles skills progressed, interest from others followed and he has since then sold his colourful and multi-print caps to fellow bike messengers, as well as has had his caps appear in art shows. With the slogan "Hey Fatty, Ride Your Bike!," Guy Friday also has branched into apparel with a tee and tote.


This month we are giving away a couple of amazing three-packs from Kuwalla Tee. Kuwalla Tees are fashioned with the finest raw materials to give you that ridiculous softness and lasting comfort. You no longer have to suffer cheap t-shirts that quickly lose their color and form. Further more, the t-shirts are packaged in salvaged material from the production of the shirts so that you can feel the material that is used. And if that is not enough, 1% of sales are donated to an environmental charity.

WILDFANG | Where Tomboys Call Home

Menswear is no longer just for the boys and Wildfang is here to celebrate the tomboy style. Wildfang is for the women out there that are "modern day, female Robin Hoods," who embrace the wingtips, bowlers, and bowties, and take their stolen styles raided from their male friend's closets into their own.

Liberating menswear, Wildfang is created by Portland trio, Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley, both co-founders, along with creative director Taralyn Thuot. Wildfang's premiere collection launches this Spring.

Charles & Grace Jewellery

CHARLES & GRACE JEWELLERY Love the look of body chain jewellery, but don’t want to spend $20 on a piece of metal that will turn you green, and don’t have the means to drop $2,000 on real gold? We’ve discovered Charles & Grace Jewellery, a Vancouver-based, hand-made jewellery line, focusing on body harnesses, as well as head pieces and more traditional items such as necklaces and rings. Created by self taught Vancouverite Danielle Webster, and made in her home studio, her collection is truly beautiful, covetable, and affordable. The line starts at $28 and goes up to $70.

1: Face Watch

Now here’s something we like: fashion with a heart. Cue 1:Face Watch, the humanitarian project created by branding firm, Mirza Minds, who have designed a unisex modern, sleek and minimal watch, with a difference. Available in in six different colours, these raise funds for six different charities. Buy it in white help fight hunger, black to support cancer patients, pink to help fund breast cancer treatment, blue to help developing countries with environmental issues, red to help children with AIDS and yellow to build wells and provide clean water.