There are those nights where you and hundreds of your closest friends are all gathered in the dark, dancing together to a band or a DJ, and then all of a sudden it’s not just you and them but it’s us. A collective mass pulsating to the music. A singular organism moving to and within every single note that is playing. This is what DOOMSQUAD is all about. The Toronto-based dance act wants to push the idea of what identity is.

Revered Just Released 2nd Full-Length Album

Emmett Hall is a busy guy. You’ve probably seen him onstage around Vancouver as the musical director for award-winning improv group The Sunday Service, on his own performing at various comedy events, or even possibly with his band, the electric and eclectic Revered. The trio, consisting of Hall, producer Pietro Sammarco and guitarist Ken Lawson, just unleashed their sophomore album With Some Amusement yesterday, June 3rd, and recently released the video for lead single “Grey In The Face” as well.

Catlow Releases Main Of Nowhere on Vinyl

Natasha Thirsk aka Catlow has been crafting some of the sweetest pop music for a while under her own name and previously with Vancouver luminaries The Dirtmitts, and now, partnering up with her new label File: Under Music, Thirsk is readying the vinyl release of last year's impeccable EP Main Of Nowhere. The six-track record showcases Thirsk’s wonderfully effortless ability to craft interesting vocal melodies that will live in your head for days all the while being backed by of some of Vancouver’s finest musicians.

Sam Tudor "Joseph In The Bathroom" Video

It seems that no matter what your background, most people seem to have a universal experience when it comes to what it was like for them in high school. Sam Tudor isn’t exempt from this. His new song and video for “Joseph In The Bathroom,” off his wonderful album Quotidian Dream, details just this. The last in a trilogy of videos conceived and directed by Tudor’s collaborator Lucas Hrubizna, it's an affecting look at the emotions felt during this turbulent time in every teen’s life.

Sebadoh's New Video "Stunned" Delights Ahead of Upcoming Album

While there have been countless reunion tours -- welcome and unwelcome -- over the last decade, there are still some bands from long long ago that are managing to create vital new work. It’s been six years since their last release but one of these bands is 90s fuzz rockers Sebadoh. The brainchild of Jason Lowenstein, Lou Barlow and Bob D’Amico is set to release a new album, Act Surprised, on May 24th and it’s shaping up to be one of the funnest spring releases.

dounpour Release Dreamy "therapy" Track + Video

There’s a certain kind of charm when a musician decides to forge their own path and start to create music that is just on the other side of what the mainstream would accept as traditional. Take Zane Coppard, a drummer from Victoria who has performed with such luminaries as Louise Burns, Dralms and Smash Boom Pow. His new project, dounpour, is Coppard’s “no frills” approach to music making. Coppard says the project's intention is to create music for the sake of it, like how a child would approach creating music.

YEP Debuts New Video

Vancouver’s music scene is awash with delightful little secrets, secrets that hopefully won’t remain that way for too much longer. One of these delights is spazzy art rock band YEP. YEP channels the wonderful space between Deerhoof and Balitmore’s dearly departed Ponytail, and is sprinkled with some DEVO for good measure. Their new single “Sport” is a extremely good example of this and the recent video is a great companion to the song. Directed by Flavourcel Animation Collective, “Sport” is a psychedelic journey into the high stakes world of road bike racing.

Harlequin Gold "I Was Your Girl"

With the sun staying out a little bit later and those beautiful cherry blossoms blooming all over the city, Vancouver is getting poised to enjoy another one of their wonderful summers. As if on cue, the sisters of locally-based band Harlequin Gold have decided to release another in a string of sunny singles. The O’Brien sisters have dropped the new track “I Was Your Girl” and it’s an extreme earworm. There is something special about hearing the duo sing together. It’s something that seems inherently easy for sibling-based bands and it's quite the treat.

J Mascis Does a Ripping Cover of Tom Petty

The dream of the 90s is still alive and thriving in some parts of the world. J Mascis has been making wonderfully grungy music with a heart of gold buried just below its noisy surface since that decade, but has also remained one of the most relevant musicians that has been recording and performing since that time, as his songs have seemingly gotten better.