Indigenous people living in Canada have continually found themselves underrepresented in so many aspects of modern culture. When A Tribe Called Red got together in Ottawa just over a decade ago, one of the main reasons was to help shine a light on indigenous culture and to be positive role models to those who have been misrepresented and, in many cases, those who have been systematically devalued. The collective has been lighting up stages ever since with their unique take on hip hop and electronic music mixed with traditional pow wow drums and vocals.


As a member of Tokyo Police Club, Graham Wright isn’t a stranger to hooky pop songs. With his new project, Girlfriend Material, the talented musician steps things up on the ear worm scale with his take on power pop indie rock firmly directed to the people that grew up on this brand of hit and find themselves entrenched in their thirties, still negotiating similar situations they’ve found themselves in over and over again. The spectre of the past looms large over the proceedings but now there’s a sense of self-awareness instead of bitterness.


When it comes to fiction, we love rooting for the bad guy. It’s why more cosplayers opt to don Darth Vader’s breath-stifling black mask over an original trilogy Luke Skywalker robe, or why online battle masters went bananas when Fortnite reintroduced Marvel heel Thanos as a playable character this past spring. Imperfect, endlessly complicated, and full of mystique, there just seems to be more to latch onto with a villain.

Louise Burns Releases New Single Off Of Upcoming Full-Length

Louise Burns' presence in the Canadian Music Scene has been pretty ubiquitous. Actually, to simply say ‘ubiquitous’ underlies Burns natural charisma, amazing talent and wonderful songwriting. So, yes, she has been around in the scene for some time, but her presence in it only helps to elevate what we all do to another level. Burns recently released the single "Just Walk Away" off of the upcoming full-length Portraits. Almost perfectly timed for the summer sun, the track practically is walking on air.

Meltt Release Video for "Love Again"

Can love last forever? It’s a big question and one that everyone had wrestled with at least once in their lives. If there was a way to make it last for sure, would that be something that you would interest you? Vancouver’s ethereal pop act Mellt has decided to take this question head on with their latest single, “Love Again”, off their upcoming debut album due this fall via Light Organ Records. The track is a wistful, breezy number bubbling with soft synths and a head bopping beat all tied together with a soft yet strong lead vocal performance.

Alex Cameron Releases New Single

Alex Cameron has this way of writing songs that combine a filthy sort of pithiness that is balanced by a genuine heartfelt emotion. It's an amazing balancing act to behold, as one minute you're in on the joke, laughing along to some of the lyrical content, then, out of nowhere, you can find yourself in tears, relating to every single word the man projects from his silky, honeydewed voice. Cameron has just announced the release of his brand new collection of songs, Miami Memory, which will be out via Secretly Canadian on September 12th.

The Gathering - Love Songs EP

In the 1980s, Vancouver was a bit of a hot bed for alternative music. Punk, Post Punk, New Wave and New Romantic acts were the toast of the town. At venues like The Town Pump, Luv A Fair and The Commodore, local acts would play to large crowds every weekend and were as much celebrated as any touring act of the day. Right in the middle of all this were The Gathering. The band formed in 1985 and almost immediately were performing onstage with luminaries of the scene.